Special menu

La Ciau del Tornavento is not just a renowned restaurant, celebrated by guidebooks. It is a place that wants to be as unique as the place where it is located is unique. So here it is that alongside the starred menu of chef and patron Maurilio Garola and a cellar with nearly 65,000 bottles there are a number of aspects that make this place a gourmet gem for everyone. Starting with the dog menu, from the children's menu with dedicated sets of cutlery, tablecloths, plates and glasses to places like the inn and wine bar that allow you to complete the journey in taste.

Menu for dogs

  • Some put up a sign “I'm not allowed to enter here” and some, as the starred restaurant Ciau del Tornavento, have a special menu for your pets. As your dogs enter the restaurant a water bowl and special dishes are ready for them. It’s our way to show how respect to our clients and to their “friends” is a big part of Maurilio Garola e Nadia Benech’s philosophy.

Mise en place for the youngest

  • Plates, under plates and glasses painted in small animals, a colouring towel, stuffed animals and puzzle to play with and to carry around: for your kids, Ciau del Tornavento is a little funny paradise. Many child-friendly format dishes are available for them. The chef has also developed a special menu, healthy and coloured, able to conquer every child, from the gourmet ones to those who have different tastes from the adults.

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